How would you Install Ceramic tile on a Kitchen Countertop

In case you are considering putting resources into a kitchen rebuild, ceramic tiles can assist with changing your kitchen. Other than introducing clay tiles on the kitchen floor, you can introduce them on the ledge too. Yet, how would you introduce clay tile on kitchen ledge?

You will understand that these tiles are more strong and arrived in an assortment of tones. In this manner, you can believe that you will track down the right counterpart for your kitchen.

Aside from being cheap, these tiles are not difficult to introduce and require little upkeep; certainly, this makes them an incredible pick for your kitchen top. Assuming you need to introduce these tiles on your kitchen ledge, there are a few stages that you ought to follow. This article will demystify this for you. These include:

Set up the ledge

Before you begin tiling your ledge, you should above all else, set it up. With regards to arrangement, there is a great deal that you ought to do.

One of those fundamental things that you ought to do is to eliminate every one of the things present on the ledge. A portion of the things that you should eliminate incorporate the oven, sink, and other fundamental apparatuses that may be there.

You should wind down the water supply to the sink, and in the event that you have a waste disposal, you should slice the capacity to it also. You ought to likewise separate the pipes hoses to your sink plumbing and the hose cinches that keep your disposer set up.

As you do this, you should realize the arranged fired tile size. On the off chance that you pick bigger tiles, you probably won’t require many tiles for this reason.

You ought to likewise realize how the tiles will squeeze into lines also. In case you will get an earthenware tile size that needs negligible cutting and fitting, you will make some simple memories. Additionally, you should represent the grout when arranging the tile size.

Measure the current ledge

Get a compressed wood to have every one of the subtleties recorded. You can diagram the elements of the old ledge on a ¾ inch compressed wood. You ought to guarantee that you follow the sink opening also. From that point, utilize a roundabout saw to cut the pressed wood.

To make more modest removes or round the corners, you can think about utilizing a jigsaw. Whenever this is done, you need to cause the lines to stay unbent by clipping a straight edge along the stamped lines, which will direct the saw.

On top of the current ledge, place the compressed wood base, and from under the current ledge, follow the sink opening onto the pressed wood base. Utilizing a jigsaw, cut out the sink opening.

Cut the substantial sponsor board utilizing the pressed wood layout

Here, you should put the compressed wood base on top of the piece of substantial board. Utilizing a compressed wood base as a format, make an indistinguishable ledge piece out of the substantial board.

Then, at that point, slice the substantial board to the state of the ledge utilizing a winding cutting saw with a brick work bit. As you do this, you ought not neglect to cut the sink opening also.

Screw the compressed wood base into the ledge

by utilization of the wood screws, you should fix the compressed wood base onto the current ledge. Utilizing a ¼ inch scoop, you ought to from there on apply a slight set mortar to the pressed wood base. Then, at that point, place the substantial board on top of the compressed wood base lastly utilize excited screws to fix it onto the spot.

It is important that the specific sort of screws you will utilize will really rely upon the kind of bureau development you will manage. In any case, you need 4.1 cm length spotless bureau screws, utilizing pre-penetrated openings.

Whenever this is done, you would then be able to build up any corners and edges with fiberglass network tape. By doing this, you will actually want to forestall breaking, chipping, and in any event, disintegrating along the cut edges of the substantial.

Imprint out a backsplash or set the tiles along the side of the counter and divider

You ought to guarantee that you set up the space just as do some light sanding. Here, you should stamp the tallness of the backsplash and make certain to represent the width of the tile beneath it. It significant that the stature of the backsplash is typically one tile high.

Begin laying the earthenware tiles

Start by orchestrating the tiles on the ledge base. Here, you ought to decide the most proper situation and separating of the tiles prior to whatever else.

Position the fired tiles on the substantial board and guarantee that your record for the grout lines. To guarantee that your tiles are very much positioned, you should utilize spacers.

In the event that conceivable, you should begin from the middle. Here, you should put an artistic tile in the center and afterward work out. It is significant that you cut the end tiles when essential. This will go far in guaranteeing that everything looks even.

Stir up your mortar

Adhering to the directions from the maker, you should stir up your mortar and just make as much mortar as you need. First and foremost, you can begin with a limited quantity and increment it relying upon your requirements. When purchasing a mortar, you ought to pick the one that can withstand the dampness of your kitchen.

Lay ¼ inch thick mortar on the ledge

Utilizing a scored scoop, you should lay about ¼ thick layer of mortar on the ledge. It is fundamental that you give yourself enough mortar for 3-4 tiles at a go. From that point onward, you can lay the mortar down so it covers the surface equitably.

For the edges and backsplash, you ought to apply tile mastic. This generally takes into consideration development so your edge tiles won’t break.

Lay the artistic tiles set up

You should begin by laying the edge tiles first and afterward lay the ledge tiles later. Utilizing a vinyl spacer, guarantee that you represent the grout lines.

You should continue to do this until your mortar is done and you have completed your segment. It is significant that you eliminate abundance mortar off the surface as you work.

After that you can permit the mortar to set for the time being to guarantee that everything set well when you return to work. Whenever this is done, you should grout the tile ledge utilizing your preferred grout.

The abundance grout ought to be taken out by holding an elastic buoy at 45-degree point and afterward drag it across the tiles a slanting way.

At last, clean the tiles with a moist wipe. This will assist wipe with offing any buildup or coarseness present on the fired tile when introducing.


You can plan a noteworthy ledge by observing the above rules when introducing fired tiles on your kitchen ledge. Your kitchen will have another look and be more appealing. Likewise, this goes far in enhancing your home. To sum things up, this aide will really direct you in giving your kitchen a new look today.

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